23 Oct 2018

The Brand Chereskin @ Auction

About the Brand Chereskin Founded by Ron Chereskin Belongs to Bluestar Alliance Ron Chereskin Inc. was created in the early 90’s by men’s sportswear designer Ron Chereskin. His success within men’s sportswear has lead to the development of women’s sportswear and home furnishings. A prolific designer with an entrepreneurial spirit, Ron has also carved a niche for himself as a…


16 Oct 2018

Elli Cel for Auction

About ELLI CEL Cell Therapy specialty shop ELLI CEL adopt new concept NDDS(New Drug Delivering System) patented injection replacement system for the first time in Korea. In the NDDS applicator & the NDDS-carrier are enriched with active ingredients and combined with purified oxygen. During application, a targeted jet of micro-units is generated with NDDS System We have succeeded in transporting…


11 Oct 2018


House founded in family in the field of olive and wine of Castellet, "My Provence" was born on the simple idea of transmitting, to all, a real Authentic Provence, of quality and taste, that of the holidays and the friendliness. "My Provence" quickly developed his concept of "Bistrot Gourmet grocery store in Sanary-sur- mer, offering tasting on the spot or…


11 Oct 2018

Tommy & Merry @ Auction

This graph depicts the total revenue of the U.S. retail sales toys and games market from 2007 to 2017. In 2016, the total market value was 20.74 billion U.S. dollars. The toys and games market consists of total revenues generated through the sale of activity toys, dolls, games and puzzles, infant/toddler/pre-school toys, plush toys, vehicles and other toys. Toy Industry…


5 Oct 2018

Cool Pool Chair @ Auction

The Cool Pool Chair Schober LLC (Cool Pool Chair designers) is a Veteran Owned father/son team based in Southern California. Their mission is to offer innovative solutions with products made in America to enrich your overall swimming pool experience and create the ultimate level of convenience, comfort, and relaxation. The Best Way to Relax In Your Pool Spending leisure time…


4 Oct 2018

Risotto Box for Auction

PACKAGING—What It is its requirement While packaging, in some form, has been in existence for centuries, the growth in its usage has been particularly rapid in the second half of the twentieth century in industrialized and developed countries and, more recently, in many developing countries. Packaging has evolved from a relatively small range of heavy, rigid containers made of wood,…


3 Oct 2018

Gemstones Business @ Auction

Many buyers on auction sites resell the products they buy and have built up a sustainable gem business. Many buyers re sell products by value adding to the opal or gemstone or making their own creative jewelry. To create a business that is enjoyable and has a fun lifestyle is what many people desire. It’s not a job but a…


1 Oct 2018

Coachology @AUCTION

Coachology is a unique synergy of Neuroscience, Psychology, Coaching, Therapy, Metaphysics, Scientific and Spiritual teachings, to support rapid and sustainable positive change in Your Life and Business. Coachology is the study of Excellence; a branch of knowledge to help others be their best. The purpose of Coachology is to Inspire & Empower Leaders, to engage and transform their World. Meaning…


28 Sep 2018

VideoVisuals @ AUCTION

The Company VideoVisuals, Inc. was founded in 1972 to help bring about the newly developed personal approach in video to business and event producers. In the four decades of pioneering operations that V/V built, innovation and adaptation has kept us ahead of the field, providing excellence to business, entertainment and broadcast. From the beginning, our multi-camera flypack was already feeding…


27 Sep 2018

WeTravelSolo an app for travellers @ Auction

The solo travel route can sometimes get a bit lonely. Now a-day it’s common that you want to share your experiences with a fellow traveller, even if s/he may be a stranger. That’s where an app like We Travel Solo comes in handy. You can easily connect with other solo travellers who may be travelling to your destination. Even if…