23 Oct 2018

The Brand Chereskin @ Auction

About the Brand Chereskin

Founded by Ron Chereskin
Belongs to Bluestar Alliance

Ron Chereskin Inc. was created in the early 90’s by men’s sportswear designer Ron Chereskin. His success within men’s sportswear has lead to the development of women’s sportswear and home furnishings.

A prolific designer with an entrepreneurial spirit, Ron has also carved a niche for himself as a pioneer of the licensing and main floor designer arenas, where fashion and commerce meet. He currently licenses sportswear, activewear, sweaters, tailored clothing, underwear, trousers, outerwear, neckwear and hosiery. In addition, Ron has developed Chereskin Studio, a collection of better sportswear which received universally glowing reviews for its Fall 1999 press only debut. Commencing with the Fall 2000 season, the line will be marked to better department and specialty stores nationwide.

Ron Chereskin, fashion icon artist designer, winner of the Cutty Sark, Coty, and Woolmark Awards and standing member of the C.F.D.A. reinvents his passion for designing with the platform in home market.

Ron states, that he looks at the world through an artist’s eye. He believes art could be infused into the most ordinary life functions and objects.

Using home as his canvas, Ron brings his vision and a new dimension to a wide range of home products with RONChereskin HOME. His sense of color, texture and innovative imagination combined with his sense of style brings a fresh modern approach for the new generation of home consumer.

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