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Stallion Horse is a clothing brand which produces t-shirts, jeans,tank tops, gym shorts, gym suits, body suits, golf shirts, turtlenecks, sport shirts, caps, shorts, dresses, skirts,jogging suits, warm-up suits, underwear, jackets, sweaters, vests, pants, ponchos, visors, hats, uniforms, uniform jerseys, wind resistant jackets, baby booties, short sets, leotards, ties, neckties, pajamas, nightshirts, nightgowns, sweat pants, sweatshirts, mittens, gloves, knitted head wear and active wear. The logo of this brand represents a stallion which is a male horse that has not been gelded (castrated). Stallions follow the conformation and phenotype of their breed, but within that standard, the presence of hormones such as testosterone may give stallions a thicker, “cresty” neck, as well as a somewhat more muscular physique as compared to female horses, known as mares, and castrated males, called geldings.

Character varies widely based on genetics, and training, but because of their instincts as herd animals, they may be prone to aggressive behavior, particularly toward other stallions, and thus require careful management by knowledgeable handlers. However, with proper training and management, stallions are effective equine athletes at the highest levels of many disciplines, including horse racing, horse shows, and international Olympic competition.
The term “stallion” dates from the era of Henry VII, who passed a number of laws relating to the breeding and export of horses in an attempt to improve the British stock, under which it was forbidden to allow uncastrated male horses to be turned out in fields or on the commons; they had to be “kept within bounds and tied in stalls.”

Stallion a popular T- shirt brand: Sylvester Stallone’s popular hit film Rocky, the film was edited and re-released as Italian Stallion to capitalize on its now-famous star. Stallone previously said in interviews that he did the film out of desperation after being bounced out of his apartment and finding himself homeless for several days, sleeping in a New York City bus station in the middle of winter. In Stallone’s words “It was either do that movie or rob someone because I was at the end—at the very end—of my rope. Instead of doing something desperate, I worked two days for $200 and got myself out of the bus station”. The “Sylvester Stallone movie” evolved over the years into a minor urban legend. The film was distributed to movie theatre for $10,000 a night, about which Stallone commented “Hell, for $10,000 forget the movie! I’ll be there myself.”
The Rocky t-shirt features an Italian Stallion logo. The “Italian Stallion” Rocky Balboa was portrayed by Sylvester Stallone made by American Classics of 80s collection and went on to become one of the most popular boxing characters in cinematic history.

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