26 Sep 2018

Philly’s a cool Brand @Auction

Philly a home grown brand to a vibrant community of makers has bought in all from hand-dyed denim to West African inspired suiting. It has a stock of those little known boutiques outside of Philadelphia to brands stocked in some of the favourites.
Inspired by traditional western menswear as it is by West African colours and patterns the artful suits, scarves, and shirts produced by Ikire Jones are striking for the brand’s strong aesthetic point of view. He have basically fused heritage with his love for European silhouettes and tailoring. Made with African-inspired textile patterns and reworked images of Renaissance art, each of his collection strives to tell a distinct story, like migration and displacement to an alternate future for West Africa.
Philly is home to numeral talented jewellery brands, but Angela Monaco’s Concrete Polish is a standout. From silver earrings made to look like crystal formations to cocktail rings shaped like fox heads and chokers that look like family heirlooms, her sculptural works are easy to fall in love with.
Leeman has grown her side project into a well-respected business with pieces stocked in some of Philly’s best boutiques. The intricate, multi-step dying processes applied to raw silk, cotton, wool, denim, and bamboo fibres, take the form of scarves, tunics, caftans, kimonos, duvet covers, and a host of other items. Some of the coolest pieces are designed out as vintage, like jeans, military jackets, and slip dresses.
One of the designers who stand out at Philly is Bela Shehu. It’s a must checkout collection at the stores. The fashion designer makes avant-garde clothing and jewellery with a strong sense of mood. Many of her pieces can be worn multiple ways — for example, a one-shoulder dress might double as fancy basketball shorts and triple as a draped skirt — and all of them feel like collector’s items. Her latest collection includes jackets that are on-trend while totally unique at the same time, like a bomber with men’s shirting details and sleeves that zip off as well as a kimono-sequel wrap jacket that can be worn three different ways.

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