27 Sep 2018

WeTravelSolo an app for travellers @ Auction

The solo travel route can sometimes get a bit lonely. Now a-day it’s common that you want to share your experiences with a fellow traveller, even if s/he may be a stranger. That’s where an app like We Travel Solo comes in handy. You can easily connect with other solo travellers who may be travelling to your destination. Even if you may not want to travel together, you can catch up with them at the end of a day to compare notes or even for an evening for some carousing! It always helps to know that there’s a like-minded person whom you can connect with when you feel the need for some company. The app also creates a community of fellow solo travellers where you can share photos, videos and travel stories.

WeTravelSolo, the online Solo Travellers community brings the world in the palm of your hand. Bridging the ever increasing divide between the online and offline world of people, We Travel Solo connects people online and allow them to meet in real world through travelling, which is one the most rated life changing experience by the majority. An App where you can search for and “Find your true travel soulmate” real quick. Also share all those beautiful pictures, the heart-warming stories, crazy adventures and amazing experiences with people who would love to see and read.

How? It’s simple. Check out these steps:
1. Make your Travel Buckets
2. Find Travel Soul mate with common buckets as yours.
3. Visit the Profile of your Travel Soulmate, Choose the one you are ok with.
4. Make your Group and Start making Travel plans with your Travel Soul mate

This app is the version 10.0 of Solo Travelling. A ten times bigger door to enter the unexplored world. There are more people to meet than places to see or vice versa. The app offers you limitless options to travel and meet like-minded people. It brings to you expert advice, guidance and company of people who have travelled the world far and long, as your Trip Crafters. It lets you take trips, explore the world, connect with people you never knew existed and share your travel stories with the whole wide world. With this app, you not merely travel solo but you travel solo, together.

Shefali Walia, founder and chief traveler, WeTravelSolo comments:

“WeTravelSolo is a trend-setter in its concept and has been fondly incorporated in the discussion among travel enthusiasts, especially the solo travellers. With the inception of the company the introduction of this concept on mobile app was imminent and we are happy to finally introduce the app. WeTravelSolo, as indicated in its brand name, intends to redefine the concept of solo-travel. With the app, the solo trips no longer have to feel lonely and will be free from the bugs of travelling all on their own. Their adventure now can be free of risks. The fast-growing popularity of this app among solo travellers will not only change the previous concepts of solo-travel but also invite more travel enthusiasts. The growing connectivity is preliminary to bringing the travel enthusiasts together and making the concept work.”
So, it’s not just any travel app but a Travel Soul Mate.

That and more:
· Travel all across India and beyond
· Meet like-minded people
· Create your bucket list
· Find your travel soul mates
· Expand your interest network
· Make solo travel plans easy and quick
· Easy pick from weekend trips, day trips, unique trips etc.
· Connect with thousands of solo travellers
· Seek expert travel advice from trip crafters
· Make friends on the go

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