3 Oct 2018

Gemstones Business @ Auction

Many buyers on auction sites resell the products they buy and have built up a sustainable gem business. Many buyers re sell products by value adding to the opal or gemstone or making their own creative jewelry. To create a business that is enjoyable and has a fun lifestyle is what many people desire. It’s not a job but a lifestyle full of anticipation of what gems will be in the next package.

How to Start a Gemstone Business
Having a wide range of gemstones is essential. Especially if targeting Birthstone gemstones or jewelry. If you have an artistic eye you can buy gemstone beads and make creative one off designer beads that are popular. Having a silver ring or pendant casting so that buyers can add the gemstone of their choice is also popular.The easiest way to build confidence with your target market is to have a large selection of certified gemstones. These gemstones will be tested by a gem testing laboratory like the GIA and come with a certificate. This will help buyers to make a decision as they will build trust with you.

How to start an Opal business
It is found that opal cutters start on basic opal parcels and when their cutting improves they will buy better quality rough and cut high grade opals. Many then start making their own silver jewelry and wire wrap jewelry. Boulder opal or Koroit and even Ethiopian opal rough is good to start and you can sell opal stones that is cut or made into a jewelry piece. Variety of Opals offered for sale and opal knowledge is essential.

How to Target Buyers
Start as a hobby for fun and realize making purchase mistakes as most first time buyers do, until you find the niche in this exciting market. For start no need to buy bulk parcel lots, try your ideas out and do market research for your area. Obtain feedback from end users that the products are better than what they are. Once you have a large Variety you can also do in store promotions with percentage of turnover to shop as commission. Be enthusiastic so that buyers can see you enjoy your products and they will have confidence to buy from you. Show and tell is good way to establish your business. As example: Sell Opals or Gemstones by displaying your cutting expertise. Have selection of different types of Opal or Gemstones and inform buyers with product knowledge. Specialize in Silver Jewelry and set opals or Gemstones in front of buyers, so no shipping! Operate Birthstone business and market stones on monthly basis.

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