5 Oct 2018

Cool Pool Chair @ Auction

The Cool Pool Chair

Schober LLC (Cool Pool Chair designers) is a Veteran Owned father/son team based in Southern California. Their mission is to offer innovative solutions with products made in America to enrich your overall swimming pool experience and create the ultimate level of convenience, comfort, and relaxation.

The Best Way to Relax In Your Pool

Spending leisure time in the pool has never been more enjoyable. The Cool Pool Chair is the most relaxing and comfortable way to enjoy warm and sunny days in the pool. Its unique multi-use in-water chair easily attaches to the side of most pools allowing for comfortable, upright sitting in the water and easily converts to a relaxing flotation chair. And the optional umbrella with the custom designed fitting firmly secures the umbrella to the Cool Pool Chair and provides protection from the sun. The Cool Pool Chair remains underwater when not sitting in it thanks to its submarine-inspired design. And the innovative flotation design with custom fitting noodles gives your body a “zero-gravity” feeling while floating.

Supporting the Local & National Economy, Veterans & Americans with Disabilities

The Cool Pool Chair is assembled in the USA by U.S. Veterans participating in the Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Industries Program and by adults with intellectual/developmental and other disabilities working for Vocational Visions, a nonprofit organization that provides pathways to employment, life-long learning, and community inclusion.

Only the Highest Quality Materials

The Cool Pool Chair™ is made of furniture grade PVC pipe and fittings, Sunbrella fabric and Gore Tenara thread. Sunbrella all-weather and water resistant fabric offers a 5 year warranty against exposure from water and sun and stays soft, cool and fade resistant after many hours of use. And the high quality Gore Tenara thread offers a lifetime limited warranty against damage due to sun or water during the lifetime of the Sunbrella fabric with which it is used.

Take the Cool Pool Chair when you travel

The Cool Pool Chair is lightweight, non-inflatable and easily disassembles for convenient transportability and storage. Use the free carrying bag to hold all your items and take the Cool Pool Chair wherever you go.

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